Patented Variable
Optics™ Technology

Clearlight Variable Optics™ Technology - Superior Healing Efficiency

Competitor products have a single optical output at 30° meaning, a single acceptance angle that limits the amount of light absorbed by the body. Our Clearlight Light Therapy units use a combination of 7 - 60° optics to create multiple cross - acceptance angles of light waves. This allows the light to be absorbed by more of our skin to offer more benefit faster with each session. With our Variable Optics™, your body receives pin point light to target specific areas as well as more diffuse light for whole body therapy.

Narrow Angle Optics | 7-30°
Area: Highly Targeted
Penetration: Deeper
Irradiance (distance of 4”-12"):
Between 75 - 110 mW/cm2

Wide Angle Optics | 40-60°
Area: Full Body Coverage
Penetration: Surface
Irradiance (distance of 4”-12"):
Between 55 - 85 mW/cm2