About Us

Clearlight® Infrared Saunas made its mark in the wellness industry with our flagship product line of infrared saunas. In 1997, our company began as Sauna Works® with two men calling the shots. The company came to be when Dr. Raleigh Duncan’s medical expertise and big heart were combined with Andy Kaps’ passion for effective natural treatments and sales acumen. These two gentlemen sold quite a few infrared saunas to consumers because of their commitment to excellence in products and customer satisfaction.

Sauna Works® has since been successful under the moniker of Clearlight Infrared Saunas®, incorporating the company in 2003. Our company became a Better Business Bureau accredited organization in 2006.

The core competency of our business began with infrared therapy delivered in a harmonious sauna cabin setting. Sauna cabins provide the ideal atmosphere to receive health benefits from infrared wavelengths. Layers of clothing are not an issue and consumers are prepared to perspire when they hear the word ‘sauna’.

The core focus of our business is product quality and efficacy – time is a valuable resource and not only do we understand that, we respect it and take it into account during the product development process.

The number one goal of any company is to generate sales, except for Clearlight® – a company so passionate about our product offering that our first goal is quality. We routinely use the products ourselves and often speak from first-hand experience.

We are carefully expanding our product line under the name of Clearlight Health®, to include more wellness modalities with synergistic health benefits to infrared therapy.

Every wellness modality developed and inevitably sold by Clearlight Health® harnesses healing properties found in nature and leverages 100% all-natural solutions to support your body’s natural functions and healing process.

Extra diligence is spent on developing product designs and functions from a perspective of a novice user. All too often, competitor products leave too much room for interpretation and can easily be misused causing accidental damage. Clearlight products are designed so it is nearly impossible to use incorrectly or hurt yourself.

We actively research wellness trends and alternative treatments to inspire future development. News articles can be overwhelming and unfortunately misleading when it comes to explaining whether or not a new wellness treatment actually works, the side effects, and the important information to know.

Clearlight Health® is your trusted resource for wellness products and treatments. We educate our employees to properly explain health benefits to guide your decision-making process, with your health and wellness as our main objective. Bring your specific health concerns to us and we help you find the best wellness solution to support your goals.*

Whatever your health concerns are, invest in high-quality, long-lasting products that work! All of our products are backed by limited lifetime warranties to protect the investment you are making in yourself and your health.

We genuinely look forward to helping you Surround Yourself in Wellness® so you may live your best life!

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*Clearlight does not replace a medical professional.